Thursday, May 28, 2009


The world has been going green for quite some time. In the U.S.A we are really starting to get motivated by all the green features in what we consumers purchase. We now have many options on our homes: water systems, heating, energy star appliances, and including solar or wind power--I am getting very excited about alternative energy sources for the home.

Green organic in the kitchen has been growing tremendously due to zero toxins in food which results in better health and higher quality in nutrition values.

Our cars are going green too: we have hybrids which are gasoline and electric motors running simultaneously to save and increase fuel efficiency. We have turbo diesels which have increased the miles to gallon ratio drastically--and are very clean running--which in turn pollute about 80% less than just a few years back.

I would like to give credit to Europe in general for all the transportation options--mainly trains. Worldwide U.S.A is 1st, Germany is 2nd, and Spain is 3rd with alternative wind power sources. Spain is the world leader at the moment in solar power capacity and technologies.

The world is Going Green!